My Unique Blueprint (mini-course)


Your purpose isn’t some job, title, role, or position that you need to find. Instead, it’s the unique way you were designed to approach whatever work you do. That’s why it’s essential to know who you are before you can figure out your best path forward.

This PDF downloadable guide includes:

  • Eight (8) self-reflection exercises to help you better understand who you are and how you approach work
  • Play sheets where you can record your answers
  • Access to resources that can further aid your journey
  • PLUS:  One complimentary coaching call with Jenn



I spent the first seven years of my self-employment journey trying to find that “ONE life purpose” I thought I was supposed to have. But it only left me frustrated and overwhelmed, as nothing I tried ever seemed to fit… or to last! I felt like something was wrong with me because I couldn’t just “pick something and stick with it” as my family urged me to do.

Thankfully, I didn’t give up. And I eventually found what I’m sharing with you in this guide… that your purpose is simply your unique approach to work — the way YOU work best.

Get to know how you are wired so you can discover your purpose, and stop going in circles in your business.


  1. jennsmpsn

    Jenn combined the simple to follow, yet sophisticated exercises to help you find yourself, your proficiency, and application in life, in an enjoyable, non-stressful process.

    Jenn’s steps carefully guide us through the different phases of each exercise that helps us understand the entire process, its phases, and the conclusion of all combined self-awareness exercises. These exercises help us understand who we are, what our inclinations in life are, and lastly, they are the revelation of our own blueprint.

    Once you conclude the exercises, you get to talk with Jenn, who is there to clarify any doubts you may have regarding your journey, your self-awareness exercises, or its interpretations.

    MY UNIQUE BLUEPRINT helps people discover their own blueprint and their purpose in life. It is a simple wake-up call to things we never pay attention to, yet we suffer with our lost feelings of misplacement in life.

    This program is perfect for those who have not yet found their purpose in life.
    –Maggie Hg.

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