Hey, there!

I’m Jenn — a free-spirited, Christian solopreneur who believes in doing business differently from the mainstream.

I am a fellow creative and multi-passionate, with skills and resources in a variety of areas. So…



One of my favorite things to do is design graphics. I use Canva Pro for all of my work, and can design logos, printables, templates, social media images, and more. Let’s create some custom brand assets for your business!


People call me a “walking encyclopedia” because I usually have a ton of resources to recommend for just about any topic you’re interested in! COMING SOON!


My Unique Blueprint (eBook) — Learn about who you are, and the unique way you were created to serve the world around you. Find your purpose through a deeper level of self-awareness. Start here.

Solopreneur Foundations — Discover the four (4) key areas any solopreneur needs to focus on in order to be successful at running an online business. Cut through the noise, and focus only on the basics. Stand out from the mainstream by taking a unique approach.


Crystal Stidham

Jenn is the first person that introduced me to what a multi-passionate was. It felt like she was speaking directly to me, and I was finally being understood. It finally made sense why I skipped around for years, searching for what I was meant to do… it’s the multi-passionate in me, and I never knew it. Knowing there are other people like me made me feel accepted, and that there is nothing wrong with me!! It’s who I am, which is a great thing!!! Thanks, Jenn!

Chelsea Stephens-Mills

Jenn is great at listening and helping lead you to the answer that was in your heart all along. She has a great deal of experience going through the problems that new entrepreneurs face, and has a library of resources at her disposal that she’s always willing to share. I think what she helped me most with is my self-confidence, and understanding that I can pursue the business I’m growing.