Hey, there, I’m Jenn! I’m a free-spirited, Christian solopreneur who believes in doing business differently from the mainstream.

I write about personal growth, books, faith, and entrepreneurship.

My mission is to inspire you to look at things differently, and to consider that there are other options.

I provide eclectic resources & coaching to help creative gals, like you, grow your new online business with support for the journey.

I will guide you to…

  • release the overwhelm
  • find direction & clarity
  • grow your new online business
  • work according to your strengths
  • set your business apart from the mainstream
  • run your business your way
  • discover the freedom & flexibility that working for yourself can provide

Figure out who you are, the unique way YOU were created to impact the world, and how you can build a flexible life and career that works for you.



After being a stay-at-home-mom while my kids were little (plus, reviewing books & blogging, in the middle of that), and after a few years of working in various administrative and customer service positions, I was finally able to become self-employed in 2013.

For the first seven years, I pursued many different ideas, trying to find that “one life purpose” I thought I was supposed to have. But it only left me frustrated and overwhelmed, as nothing I tried ever seemed to fit. I felt like something was wrong with me, since I couldn’t “just pick something & stick with it”, as my family urged me to do.

Thankfully, I didn’t give up. And eventually, I learned that we don’t have just one purpose; instead, we have a unique way of serving the world that is built around who we are at our core — and that’s the thing we need to discover.


I’M NOW DRIVEN BY A VISION of building a community of women who are intent on improving their lives (#personalgrowth) so that they’re able to live as strong, empowered, and confident members of society. Their strength comes from understanding who they are & living with purpose and intention, knowing that true fulfillment comes through using their unique mix of skills, gifts, and strengths to benefit others.

These gals live wild & free, and boldly enjoy life as the adventure it was designed to be.

IT’S MY MISSION to help you become this woman… living the life you know you were created for.

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