Establishing a Clear Vision

I’ve been offering coaching for a while, but I find that people are often confused about what coaching is and how it can help them. This four week blog series is designed to help you understand who I am, who YOU are, and how I can help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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Now that you understand a little more about your personality and your strengths, let’s talk about figuring out what you want to do with your life. If you dream of freedom and flexibility, the next step is to create a clear vision.

If you find yourself hesitating because you don’t trust yourself, if you worry you’ll end up back where you started, or you are worried about what others will think, you might need a new perspective! Instead of thinking about what trying something new might cost you, think about what staying stuck means.

Ignoring an idea that just won’t leave you alone means looking back years later with regret, not knowing what could have been. Staying in a job that doesn’t work for you anymore means stressful days. Not claiming your full, wonderful self means living with the shame of feeling like you don’t fit the mould or measure up to others who seem to have life all figured out.

This is YOUR life—not anyone else’s! Who cares if they would never take the risk of leaving a steady paycheck to strike out on their own? So what if your version of success doesn’t look the same as the girl next door? What matters is that you are living life on your terms and figuring out what the next best move is for you. You don’t have to see all the way down the road—just take it one step at a time. With each step forward you’ll grow in knowledge of what does (and doesn’t) work for you and confidence in what’s next.

The first step forward is creating your vision. Here are a few ideas to get you started—you can pick your favorite, or try them all!

  • Create a vision board: digitally on Pinterest or the old-fashioned way with magazines, scissors and a glue-stick!
  • What do you think of when you envision your future? This might not be a job title but rather what you want your life to consist of: financial independence, flexibility to pick your kids up from school and volunteer in the classroom, studio space to create. Spend a few minutes writing out what you are dreaming of.
  • Make a list: what do you need to do your best work and, just as importantly, what doesn’t work for you? Do you dream of working from home or would finding a co-working space be a better fit? Do you work best alone or do you want to be part of a team? Do you need structured hours or do you prefer to go with the flow?
  • Write a mission statement for yourself.

This process can be overwhelming: there is a lot to learn about the way you are wired and how to create a clear vision for yourself. If you’d like an outside perspective as you work through the process, you can see my coaching packages here. As you continue to learn about yourself, don’t be afraid to make adjustments to your vision. This is a fluid, evolving process—and an exciting one. Don’t forget to have fun as you dream!

What Aligns With How You’re Wired?

Is this it, finally? … Or, am I just going to change my mind, again?

Ah, the struggle of the multi-passionate!

When I find a new thing — an interest, a career path, etc. — I get so excited, and it really, truly does feel like I’ve finally found “THE thing”.

But I’m clear enough, now, to know — it probably isn’t. I probably will lose interest, again, eventually. Story of my life.

And yet, if I stop to look hard enough, I can see that there are some things that stick . . . I’ve not lost my interest in everything I’ve explored. Some things managed to take hold and stay put.

So, what’s the difference?

I believe some of these things just happen to align with how I’m wired. The rest — well, perhaps that’s just due to my insatiable curiosity, and my desire to explore.

Some of the things that have stood the test of time with me include:

✔️ a love of books & reading
✔️ love of entrepreneurship
✔️ marriage
✔️ creativity & love of design
✔️ love of music & dancing

“I don’t know much. Only that I am passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

Do you struggle to stick with things? Have you managed to find some things that do stick around, though?

Fighting Through the Rough Days

I almost gave up. I was so frustrated, & so exhausted. I wasn’t sure that any of this was worth it.

But there’s a fight inside me that was desperate to hold on . . . desperate to find a way.

So, I sought help.

I didn’t have the means to hire anyone. Yet, thankfully, there are people out there who offer free calls. Oh, how I’m grateful to those people!

Sure, I couldn’t hire them. And maybe some of them thought I was wasting their time.

However, just being able to talk through things with someone else was enough — every time — to give me back my hope, and help me get clear enough to keep pushing forward.

Having someone else speak words of support & encouragement; someone to highlight things I hadn’t seen or thought of before; someone who’d been through the struggle & could simply say, “I get it. This isn’t easy. But you can do this.”

. . . it was the light in my darkness.

I wouldn’t be where I am, today, without those people. The value of others’ support cannot be underestimated.

Where do YOU find that hope & support?