Don’t Waste Time Looking For Your Passion–Do This Instead

Do you ever feel lost because you haven’t found your “thing” yet? You see people out there, determined to chase their passion, and you’d love to do the same: but you just can’t figure out exactly what your passion is. Everyone says “you’ll just know” when you find it, but you are interested in so many things. If you can’t imagine narrowing it down to just one passion, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you.

In fact, I think it’s time for you to abandon the search for your passion.

That’s right. There’s no need to obsess over finding the one perfect interest or hobby to pursue. There is no such thing as a single perfect path. So stop feeling stressed that you haven’t found one yet!

Instead, let your curiosity lead you. Dabble in this and that. Take an art class, try a new exercise class, check out a “how to” library book. With each venture into a new activity, you learn something about yourself: what you like, what you don’t. You get the benefit of a new experience. You might not have deep knowledge in one subject, but your knowledge will be wide, spanning lots of subjects, and that is valuable too. 

Everything is connected. It might take years to see how it all fits together, but one day you’ll realize that all the little bits and pieces of things you’ve tried over the years have brought you somewhere that investing in only one passion wouldn’t have.

Some people find their thing and run with it. They become devoted experts and evangelists — and we need them. They put in the hard work to become experts in their field, and that’s something to celebrate. 

But we need you, too. The person who has dabbled in this and that, and chased all kinds of ideas and interests. The person who can find connections and patterns between subjects that might seem unrelated at first glance, who can bring in new ideas and keep things fresh.

One day you’ll look up from the small business you created or the novel you are writing and you’ll realize that all those bits and pieces are exactly what got you to where you are.

Forget finding your passion; follow your curiosity instead.

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