Discover Your North Star: ROADMAP


This playbook is designed to guide you in discovering who you are, what gifts & skills you possess, and how to connect the dots to finally identify your own “North Star”.

As multi-passionate creatives, it is critical to know this information, as it allows you to evaluate what does, or doesn’t, work for you. Having this awareness gives you clarity & confidence in your decision-making, so you can spend less time (and money!) chasing ideas & opportunities that might not be a good fit for you.

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NORTH STAR(aka: “compass”; “thread”; “umbrella theme”)
. . . a unique-to-you blend of personality, experiences, skills, & preferences that you’ve been blessed with, so that you can serve others & make an impact on the world . . . the thing you gravitate back to, time & time again, because it’s at the core of who you are.


Dig into who you are and what you were created for. Connect the dots between all that makes you stand out from the crowd, and then create your own, unique roadmap for moving forward & making decisions.

Start laying the foundations for where you want to go. Get started with your message, mission, vision, and values.

Choose your brand assets (including colors, fonts, imagery, and tone). And start envisioning what a “flexible” business model looks like for you.

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If you’re ready, I can’t wait to equip you with the self-awareness & skills you need to be able to evaluate any idea or opportunity, and discern whether or not it will make sense for you to pursue. This knowledge will give you the clarity & confidence to release the concerns around what others think, and just unapologetically do what works best for you.


NOTE: There is an online course version of this Discover Your North Star program, that includes 1:1 guided coaching, personalized to you and your situation. Learn more, here.


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