Below is a list of “red flags” to be very aware of in your relationships. If you spot even one, I would seriously advise you to consider whether or not you should continue the relationship — doing so will only lead to heartache.

  • you make excuses for his/her bad behavior
  • you are constantly defending yourself
  • you feel your partner doesn’t really listen to you — like your feelings, thoughts, and ideas don’t matter, or are being brushed off
  • he or she makes fun of you a lot (even if they tell you they’re just joking or having fun) … it leaves you feeling “off”
  • he/she calls you names, or puts you down
  • they give you the silent treatment when they’re upset with you
  • you feel you constantly have to “work at” the relationship in order for it to go well
  • you hesitate when thinking of bringing him/her around your best friends, or family
  • you always feel like you have to “be careful” about what you do around your partner, as you never know what will “set them off” (feels like walking on eggshells)
  • he/she doesn’t ever want to hang out with other people –in groups– says they want you all to themselves
  • he/she makes excuses for, or laughs off, their own bad behavior
  • you never get an apology (for anything) from your partner
  • it’s often all about them — the world seems to revolve around him/her
  • if you point out something he or she did that upset you, your partner throws it back and blames you for their behavior

And if your partner EVER, EVER hits you, or physically hurts you, get help right away! Do NOT stay with them for any reason!