So, you know you want to start an online business, and work for yourself.

Despite the obstacles we all know exist, the real problem is that there’s so much advice out there, including a lot of unnecessary “fluff” that you don’t really need in order to start your business — but you do need someone to help you decide what’s important, and what isn’t.

Yet we can agree it’s true that many people are dissatisfied with what they do for a living (including some entrepreneurs) due to a “wrong fit” career path.

That’s why, to achieve your goal, you need to first figure out what type of work suits you best, so you can start off on a strong foundation.

In just a minute I’ll tell you how, but first…

Hey there, I’m Jenn — a free-spirited, Christian solopreneur who believes in doing business differently… doing what’s right for me and my business, rather than copying the “gurus”.

I have been self-employed for 8 years now, and have learned so much about how online business works — the good and the bad. One of the biggest lessons, however, was that entrepreneurship is, itself, a massive personal growth journey.

What I’m also, now, finding is that it helps to not go it alone. As such, I’m seeking help … and, that’s where YOU come in!

Here’s the How

I am looking for an optimistic gal who is interested in starting her own online business. However, I’m not yet in a position to hire someone. As such, I would like to offer a trade in services.

I can offer you…

  • mentoring / training in how to get started in running an online business (I’ll teach you all I’ve learned!)
  • free access to my DYNS: Expedition coaching so you can learn what does and does not work for you, and ensure you align what you do with your strengths
  • referrals to my network of business contacts
  • access to my eclectic knowledge of resources (books, articles, webinars, and more)
  • 10% of my earnings* (conditions apply)

And in exchange, I need YOUR help to…

  • write my daily Instagram captions (I’ll provide the images)
  • help me organize and send out my email newsletter
  • engage with my IG audience to build rapport
  • other writing or organizational tasks, as they come up
    (eg. sales pages, systems-creation, etc.)

How I see this working is that we would “meet” via Zoom once a week to both do your DYNS coaching sessions and/or discuss details of what is currently being worked on. I don’t like to micro-manage, so I’d like to pass off certain tasks, and not have to worry about them much at all.

There are certain areas where I excel, and other areas where it’s been a major struggle for me to get anything done (primarily, writing for social media). As such, I really need help with the tasks I don’t have an affinity for. And that’s why I’m searching for a sidekick.

Whether you’re looking to be a Virtual Assistant, a Social Media Manager, or an Author — it makes no difference to me! So long as you enjoy writing, as that’s the thing I most need help with! (I have a million ideas, but can’t articulate them well… so I’m happy to brainstorm!)

Who I’m Looking For


  • FEMALE **
  • enjoys writing **
  • fluent in English
  • wants to start/learn online business
  • compassionate and/or empathetic

Other Preferred Qualities:

  • conscientious & ethical
  • dependable & loyal
  • loves to learn
  • great with follow-through
  • detail-oriented
  • organized, but flexible
  • can work with minimal assistance & in a timely manner

  • great grammar & punctuation skills
  • can fit all the miscellaneous pieces together
  • enjoys processes & systems
  • problem-solver
  • values education
  • patient
  • fact-checks & sites sources

Does This Sound Like You?

If you can see yourself in this position, and would like to apply, please visit the following link, and go through the free self-assessment found there. Then come back and hit the “APPLY” button, below (you’ll add your results from the assessment on the application).

More About Jenn

In case you wanted to know a bit more about me, here are a few quick facts:

  • I live in SW Ontario, Canada with my husband and two grown kids (both in their early 20s)
  • I’m in the EST time zone
  • I’m obsessed with:
    – books / learning
    – personal growth
    – personality psychology
    – stationery (allll the pens & notebooks!)
    – designing / creating / colors, etc.
  • I love cats, music, casual clothes, and going with the flow
  • Values & Personality (read more)