Start Creating the Flexible Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

I’ve been offering coaching for a while, but I find that people are often confused about what coaching is and how it can help them. This four-week blog series is designed to help you understand who I am, who YOU are, and how I can help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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We all have our own reasons for wanting a flexible life. Maybe being tied down to an office makes you feel like you are trapped. Spending more time with your family might be a priority for you. Or, maybe you dream of being location-independent so you can see the world! Whatever your motivation, it’s time to start creating that life.

You’ve established your vision; now it’s time to unapologetically own who you are and feel confident in building a life you can be proud of.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Start small: It’s tempting to make all the big changes at once. But it’s also easy to get overwhelmed that way. Instead, identify the first step towards your vision—and write it down. This first step will be different for everyone. Set up your website. Pick a name for your LLC. Cut back (just a little) on hours at your full-time job or dedicate the first two hours of Saturday morning to working on your business plan.

2. Stay flexible: Life happens. Things don’t always go according to plan. That’s okay. What matters most is your response. Don’t allow one setback to ruin everything. Take a deep breath and consider how you can pivot. Is there another approach you can take to execute your plan? If you feel stuck, remember that you are a person with multiple skills, talents, and interests. Pivoting to a new idea might end up giving you a new perspective on the original plan. Not right now doesn’t mean never.

3. Work to your strengths: When you are starting something new, it might feel like you have to do everything yourself. But sometimes that turns out to be both inefficient and frustrating. If you love to paint but dread crunching numbers, consider hiring a bookkeeper. If hiring someone isn’t in the budget, think about your network. Do you have a friend with an accounting background who would be willing to make a trade with you? The trade doesn’t have to be your product or service—maybe they would love a night of babysitting or assistance redecorating a room in their house. Get creative with what you have to offer!

4. Find what works for you: Pay attention to what is working and what isn’t and make small adjustments along the way. If you are too distracted by chores at home to dedicate time to your new endeavour, block off a few hours to work at a coffee shop instead. Notice when your mind is clearest and your energy highest, and see if you can adjust your schedule so that you are doing the work that requires the most thought during that time of day. Stay curious—don’t be afraid to see what would happen if you try something in a new way. If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to the old way!

Congratulations! You are embarking on an exciting journey and I am cheering you on as you take these first steps towards creating a life you love! And remember—to build a strong foundation, first take the time to understand who you are and create a clear vision. If you need any help or encouragement along the way, download one of my self-coaching guides!