My Journey Thus Far With Network Marketing

In the Spring of 2001, my friend Mary invited me to her house for a party. I didn’t get to see Mary very often, as we were both busy with our young families (my daughter was 8 months old, at the time, and my son had just turned three). So, I was excited to go see her … and to have a much-needed night out!

As it turns out, this was a Pampered Chef Kitchen Show — a direct sales presentation. I’d never been to one before, but I found myself really wanting to try these products! And so, I ended up booking my own party, after hearing how I could possibly earn the stuff I wanted, for free.

Now, when I went home that night and excitedly told my husband about these products, I was already thinking about possibly joining The Pampered Chef as an independent consultant, given that I’d always wanted to work for myself, and our family could use the extra income. With hubby being Italian, he loved the idea of the stoneware, so when I told him that I could get that, plus some other items, all at a discount, and potentially earn us some money, he said to go for it!

So, when the night of my party came, I signed myself up as a kitchen consultant, and my journey began.

For the next 3 years, I went to various homes, giving the same kind of demonstrations that I’d witnessed at my friend Mary’s house, that first night. As it turns out, I was pretty good at this gig — despite the fact that I hated to cook, hated wearing an apron, and really hated public speaking! Yet, none of it felt like “work” because I was getting paid to have girls’ nights out! It was fun!

In 2004, however, my well ran dry. I’ve never been “pushy”, so after I’d gone through my family and friends, and some of their friends, I wasn’t able to find anyone else to host shows for me, nor was I having any luck recruiting. So, I ended my stint as a consultant for The Pampered Chef. (note: I’ve since learned that it’s not really necessary to be “pushy” … you can learn to have people coming to you, rather than you “pushing” your stuff on them!)

Fast forward to 2016 . . .

In the past couple of years (2014-2016), I had thought that it’d been long enough, and I could try again with The Pampered Chef… so I re-joined in 2014, but it didn’t work out. Then I tried Jamberry Nails, but found myself allergic to the glues. So again, it wasn’t for me.

Around this time, my friend, Sarah, had joined Beachbody, and was having great success. She invited me, a few times, to take a look at the opportunity, but I’d just joined the gym, and was paying for a membership there, so it wasn’t until a year later that I found myself saying “yes” to Sarah’s invite. After all, I’d watched her have great success, over that past year, so I figured that if she could do it, so could I! And, I signed up to be a coach through Team Beachbody.

Shortly into my time as a Coach, I discovered a couple of things that got me questioning whether I should stay: (1) I was allergic to something in the shakes, so I couldn’t drink them; and (2) I didn’t really care for the method being taught for getting others to join as customers, or as fellow coaches. I was beginning to really love the Team Beachbody culture (it felt like family), and really felt I’d found “my people” – those who “get” me. Yet, I knew there had to be a better way to go about things. So, I started researching.

The more I researched, the more I fell in love with the network marketing profession, as a whole. There is so much potential for transformation, here… it was undeniable that I’d stumbled onto a part of my calling. A fire had been lit within me, and it was starting to change a lot of the things I’d previously believed.

For example, through network marketing, I’ve come to see:

  1. It’s not about me … it’s about serving others. The more I help others to succeed, the more that I, myself, succeed.
  2. It’s about so much more than the money — it’s about making an impact… making a difference in others’ lives… and about building a community, or team, of people who have this shared goal.
  3. Network Marketing is a business-in-a-box! The “big” stuff is done for you (product creation, order fulfillment, shipping, customer service)… and you get to be self-employed and still earn a decent income!
  4. The potential for changing your family’s financial legacy is incredible.

Network Marketing brought me the added benefit of helping me to become a better entrepreneur. I’d already had my own business, working from home, for 3 years, when I started to really explore this profession more seriously, in 2017. Yet, there were elements I was struggling to learn on my own. This profession taught me how to zero in on my audience, and how to become a much better marketer (which is a skill of the future, by the way), among other things.

This opportunity also changed my perspective around money. In the beginning, I had a really limited view of what was possible. I believed that there was only so much I’d ever be able to earn, and that some people were just luckier than others (luckier than me). Yet, after meeting –and becoming friends with– so many people who have stories of going from where I’m at, currently, to completely changing their family’s legacy, I found my perception changing about what was possible for me and my family. I no longer believe that a successful, financially-secure life is only for the “lucky ones”, or those who are somehow blessed with different skills or more talent than me. Instead, I know that it’s simply a matter of willingness — being willing to work hard for what you want, dream bigger, help others get what they want, and being willing to take action toward making your dreams a reality.

It took me a year, or so, of trying various companies, and refining what I was looking for in a network marketing company. I wanted something I could see myself building for the long-term, as I was learning that it’s going to take time to see any true growth from this. I also needed to find a company whose values reflected my own, and whose culture, leadership, products, and compensation all fit with my own needs, preferences, and situation. Funny enough, too, my final choice came down to what was going to best benefit my people — my future team — and help them to thrive in the way I knew they could.

I believe we need to always have more than one source of income, especially as entrepreneurs, and to never rely solely on network marketing. You may be self-employed as a network marketer, but the company doesn’t belong to you … you are only a representative of theirs. If something were to happen and that company was shut down, you’d have no business.

As such, I teach others to build network marketing as a side gig, and to also find their own path … to find a business you can own and build, that aligns with who you are, and what you were created to do. We walk through understanding your identity, overcoming the common mindsets and mistakes of new entrepreneurs, and discovering your God-given purpose.

So, see for yourself the amazing potential that network marketing holds for your future. You won’t regret it. [Note: As of 12/2020, I’m not currently in any company, as I needed to focus on building my main offerings, for now. However, I hope to return at some point in the future!]

Why Writers Make Great Network Marketers

writers great nwmersWhat do you think of when you hear the term “network marketing“? Does it make you skeptical? Do you envision pyramid schemes?

Well, did you know that it’s actually a legitimate business model endorsed by people like Sir Richard BransonRobert KiyosakiWarren Buffett, and even former President, Donald Trump?

Today, I’d like to provide you with a little more insight into what this model is about, but also why I believe that writers make great Network Marketers!

But first, a quick story…

For the past decade, or so, I have had the feeling that God would like me to become a Writer. I’ve fought against this, though (Jonah, anyone?) because I don’t like to write (or, so I’ve kept telling myself and others … journaling, yes; writing, no).

When I decided to join a network marketing company in April 2017, I thought I was off the hook, as far as writing goes.

One reason why I thought this was because it truly feels like everything in my life has led me here, to this point, with this particular company. My new role utilizes so many of my talents, skills, and passions, and over & over again, I keep finding that things I’d come across or researched for my previous business ideas are now fitting perfectly into my new business model! As such, it almost feels like this is what I was born to do.

As I’ve been studying how to be a better network marketing professional, I keep hearing the same message repeated in various places: “Facts tell, stories sell.” Apparently, to do this job well requires that you develop your copywriting skills. If you can weave the story about where you’ve been, where you are currently at, how the company’s products fit into your life and benefit you, as well as where you see yourself, moving forward, then you can be a great network marketer!

Of course, God’s got to be sitting back, chuckling to Himself, saying, “I’ll make a writer out of her, yet!” (so much for me thinking I’d “escaped”, huh?). God has such a great sense of humor!


According to

“Network Marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of the best-known companies in America, including AvonMary-Kay Cosmetics, and Tupperware, fall under the Network Marketing umbrella.” {read more…}

Personally, I think it’s a great fit for anyone who has dreamed of starting their own business, but isn’t necessarily keen on learning about (or acquiring) the usual nitty-gritty bits, like distribution, marketing campaigns, hiring employees, etc. With the Network Marketing model, you are a “recommender” of products for the company you join. And the company itself deals with things like shipments, marketing campaigns, distribution, warehousing, inventory, etc.

And the awesome thing about the company that I chose to partner with is that there’s zero inventory that you have to purchase and keep on hand. There are products you’ll want to buy so that you can give your honest recommendations of them, sure. But you aren’t forking out a huge amount of money up front, with the hopes that you’ll sell off all of the stuff you bought.


Here are just a few of the ways…


Writing tends to be a solitary profession, one that a lot of writers do from the comforts of home. So, what better way to add extra income to your work-at-home pursuits than with something else that you can do from home?

For those who say they need human interaction, that’s okay, too! The beauty of network marketing is that it can be done from anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi connection. Or, you can hit up people in your local area, and then direct them to your website.


Yes, I just mentioned directing people to your website. But another perk of network marketing is that most companies will now give you a website that’s already all set up for you, and you just pay a small fee per month (with my company, it’s $15 USD per month — which is a lot cheaper than you’d normally pay for your own website set-up and hosting, not to mention you’d still have the hassles of having to pay a designer or set it all up yourself!).

(Note: You will need to use social media, but mainly Facebook and maybe one other. I find most writers are already on social media for their book’s reach, so this isn’t really an issue, in my opinion).


As I already mentioned, to be good at Network Marketing almost requires you to be a good writer (or, at least, to build up your writing skills). The better you are at using your words to persuade people [not in a sleazy way, but in the sense of helping to educate them on a better method], the bigger reach you’ll have.

As a side benefit, I really believe that your readership for your books will grow alongside your network marketing business, as those who are being introduced to you via the products you are promoting will also check you out and, in the process, learn more about your writing. Win-win!


>We all wish there were more hours in the day. The great thing about network marketing — at least in the company I’m in — is that all of the “vital tasks” that are required for you to succeed can be completed in just one hour a day!  Many of the most successful network marketers are actually very busy people. They built their businesses either around their young children’s schedules, or around their full-time jobs.

What other job can you find that lets you set your own schedule, work part-time hours, be with your family more, and yet still have the opportunity to build a company that has the potential for financial freedom, time freedom, and more? Wouldn’t you love to change your family’s legacy?


One of the things I love best about the company I’m partnered with is that I have the chance to help others transform their lives for the better. And the more people that I serve, the greater opportunity I have to become financially secure, myself. My own family benefits from me helping others to become better versions of themselves.

The caveat I need to add here is that –as with most businesses– your income will be a direct reflection of the work you are putting in. “You reap what you sow“. No income level is guaranteed. This is not some get-rich-quick scheme… it will take time and dedicated effort. However, the possibilities are there. It all depends on what you’re willing to put into it.

Again though, the beauty of it is that, the more you focus on serving the people you come into contact with through your network marketing business, the more likely it is that your income will also grow, and will far exceed what you may have ever imagined was possible for you.

So, which of these benefits most appeals to you?

Do you have any questions? Feel free to message me and ask. I’d be happy to answer.

Hopefully I’ve helped you to see some of the possibilities that are available to you through this business model of network marketing! IMHO, it really is the “best kept secret” in the world of entrepreneurship!