Hello, my Millennial friend!

Let me guess… some of the following things have crossed your mind at least once (if not on repeat):

  • You’re scared to start anything new because you can’t trust yourself to follow through
  • You take on too many ideas, and then feel overwhelmed with trying to keep all the balls in the air
  • You’re always looking for that next shiny thing
  • You have no idea what you (really) want

Good news! I’ve been there, so I completely understand the struggle. Here’s how I can help…


Meet with Jenn via text (SMS) or email messaging, once a week, and learn who you are, what you really want, why you see &/or do things differently, and how to make life work for you — without forcing yourself into some cookie-cutter mould.

Optional: Give coaching a try with a single session!


Shop the downloadable PDF guides, and learn how to work through things on your own.
Caution: This is not the quicker route! 😉


People call me a “walking encyclopedia” because I usually have a ton of resources to recommend for just about any topic you’re interested in! COMING SOON!


Given that I am multi-passionate, I have had many interests, and have picked up numerous skills throughout the years! As such, there are a handful of other services I can help with, like:

  • graphic design
  • transcribing podcasts and YouTube videos
  • summarizing webinars & other training (note-taking)
  • …and more


Crystal Stidham

Jenn is the first person that introduced me to what a multi-passionate was. It felt like she was speaking directly to me, and I was finally being understood. It finally made sense why I skipped around for years, searching for what I was meant to do… it’s the multi-passionate in me, and I never knew it. Knowing there are other people like me made me feel accepted, and that there is nothing wrong with me!! It’s who I am, which is a great thing!!! Thanks, Jenn!

Chelsea Stephens-Mills

Jenn is great at listening and helping lead you to the answer that was in your heart all along. She has a great deal of experience going through the problems that new entrepreneurs face, and has a library of resources at her disposal that she’s always willing to share. I think what she helped me most with is my self-confidence, and understanding that I can pursue the business I’m growing.